Welcome  to Manderscheid!


Welcome  to  Manderscheid.

The sleepy Town is situated in the heart of the volcanic Eifel region.

In winter, the small Town sleeps in deep snow and unspoiled nature.

However, in the onset of Spring, around Easter time, life begins to stir.

The Hotels and Restaurants wake up from winter and invite you to visit.

Many hikers walk the trails that surround the Town of Manderscheid.

Here in the small Town you can visit the Restaurants with sun filled terraces, offering a well deserved rest and a snack . From here you can watch the many cyclists and motorcyclists who visit the town. 

 The tourist town of Manderscheid is prepared for large numbers of visitors . There is a wide range of Hotels, Guest houses and Restaurants in the village and many  offering  guest accommodation.

Manderscheid is of particular interest with it's long history attached to the Medieval Castles. From Knights , Counts, Countesses and even the "common" people are subject of ancient tales that surround the history of the Castles . The Castle ruins of the "Neiderburg" lower castle   and "Oberburg" Upper castle leave a lasting impression on all who visit.  

In addition the castle Town of Manderscheid is surrounded by the legacy of volcanoes in the highlands that erupted here thousands of years ago.With its prime location in the area  you can explore and enjoy the diverse nature that was created by the volcanic eruptions of yesteryear. 

Whether you enjoy outdoor pursuits , seek to discover the gastronomic delights or just want to enjoy nature and the healthy atmosphere the area has to offer.

We hope you enjoy yourself here and we wish you well.   








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